Auckland Dog Door Installation

stop signIf you have Double Glazing or Safety Glass, please read the following before you contact us. This will help us serve you better. Thank you.



If you have Double Glazing (aka DGU) we cannot cut a hole and fit a pet door. We must either:

  • have a new DGU made, with a hole in it, or
  • replace the DGU with Single Glazing (if appropriate).

safety glass stampSAFETY GLASS

Safety Glass (commonly found in full panel doors) will have a mark similar to this, near one corner. We cannot cut a hole in Safety Glass. Instead, we must have a new piece of Safety Glass made, with a hole in it.


When contacting us, please tell us if your glass is Double Glazing or Safety Glass, and provide us with height and width measurements in millimetres, so we can provide you with an estimated cost. If you accept our estimate, we will then visit you to take precise measurements before ordering your new glass.

Auckland Dog Doors service area
Auckland Dog Doors service area

We have been fitting dog doors into glass and wood since 1980. Over this time, we have gained a wealth of knowledge about the best dog doors on the market.

We install quality dog doors for glass and wood throughout most of the Auckland region (see map above).

Please contact us for a free quote

Payment methods: Cash or EFTPOS (no credit cards) upon completion of installation.


All doors include a manufacturer’s warranty. We also provide after-sales service and repairs.